I just woke up and i’ve been sleeping ALL day! (almost)

I had really fun dreams, the first one… i can’t remember but the last two, i do remember.

The second one i was at a really giant school, it looked like a place for airplanes because of how big it was, also a ton of young people and i was supposed to be the sustitute for sexuality class or something like that, it was weird and all and i was supposed to be 17 years old at that moment. Anyway it finished really fast and i went outside and saw literally “joeysalads” and he wanted my strawberry milk or something like that, and i told him “go drink your own piss fucking retard” and a girl at his side was like “why do you say that?” and funny enough i saw fucking pyrocynical and tried to call him to come here and he did, but i just got away, i bought some strawberry cake (i could feel the taste in my dream, kinda weird but it was nice) and went to a familiar’s house. After that i woke up but i wanted to keep sleeping so i did.

My last dream was the best one, i was coming from school in a different way, it was raining but just a little and i was walking on an empty street full of pretty houses, but there was one that was perfect for me, it was full of plants and flowers on the entrance, a really big house, it had an alarm so i couldn’t get it, but at the end the granny that was living there invited me and also wanted me to help her with some things. I did and then i went outside and saw another house that looked like one of those airships on the inside, it was also full of flowers on the outside, everything was nice. This old man offered me a bed and i started to draw while listening to music, i was listening to a complete OST of Yume Nikki Fangames and i was drawing myself i don’t know why. The song was very calm and perfect for drawing, i think it was from Yume 2kki but i’m not really sure, i’ll try to find it anyway.

And now i’m just eating flan ❤ I’m gonna read Steel Ball Run with my friend Dilan now, so bye ~



10:56 pm

So uh i’ve been all day at home, it’s so fucking cold outside and i’m very sensitive to cold weather (i’m not saying i get sick easily, i’m saying that i feel a shitload of cold even if it’s not THAT cold) and yeah so i had to be in bed for some hours and then i just got bored and went on the pc and watch some movies with my friend Dilan. Also i ate macaroni… ravioli ravioli do not fuck the dragon loli xdxd.

Also to mention, like a week or two weeks ago i got a new haircut, shorter of course and i look good, also i can leave it just like that and it doesn’t get messy at a point that i look like i’ve been doing drugs, but i still can’t help my shit smug face so yeah.

AND also i’ve been like a month or two at a JoJo Amino and it’s actually the most decent one, all the others are full of cancer and “pacman emojo” so… yeah it’s fucking retarded.

Also there are some guys that i had a “fight” that are STILL talking shit about me on his facebook group, they literally say “ur a fucking weeaboo xdxd” and i never call myself otaku or japanese, of course my username is just a joke, combining “Bakano” (Idiot or stupid) “Weeby” (Weeaboo, anime fan, otaku) and i’ve never talked about anime on the chat unless they did, the fact that they’re actually +16 almost all of them it’s just pathetic really, i can’t believe that after sooo much time, literally like four months they keep up with this shit, they act like retarded 12 year olds that scream at you at gmod servers for shooting them once, fuck that shit. They even want me back, but of course i know they keep posting shit about me cause a friend of mine sends me screenshots, also the fucking administrator is just a pain in the ass, they literally one day send child porn and me with another guy got disgusted and told the admin so at least he can do something about it but he just said “you’re a bunch of idiots if you think doing that is bad, in the internet is totally normal” but the fact that they send it on our group is not okay you piece of shit, and even another guy left after that and my friend too, also another friend. These people also report facebook account for fun or for any stupid reason, they use the word “normie” like an insult, at first the group was very decent and nice, but after some events and the change of mind the admin had they went to shit, some of them noticed the change and left. I was actually talking nice to the admin and even told him “if you have a problem or something you can tell me and i’ll try to help you” but he went mad at me for some reason and literally told me “you’re just a 16 year old stupid boy, of course i don’t need your help” “I have my life totally resolved, you’re just 16, you don’t know anything” but the guy is 19 years old and makes low quality leafy style videos, literally he just records and stops, no edition or shit also the same joke all the time “oh this makes want to die” “this makes me suicidal” “clickbait title just like leafy” “now i take seriously a parody video and talk shit about it just for views” it’s like a suicidal leafy bootleg literally, after some time we had a discord server and the admin invited a girl (annoying voice + typical american hottie with normie jokes) i joked saying “ew a girl xd” and the guy got really angry and said “do you want attention asshole?” he thinks i beg for attention but actually he is the one getting all the attention, the group was for his fans, not mine.

I should stop talking about these guys really, but i wanted to in some way so people know more about my life i guess and also an idea of how i think or act in this kind of events. Also now i’m making a video with a friend so bye ~

PD: I’m eating cookies lol


Finally new drawings!

Well i’ve been making a new style, more realistic and better proportions, ALSO A PC VER. !! (i did it on photoshop)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notice how they look a little more realistic and the head shape is less circular in some cases (like Margarite because she’s an adult teen (21 years old)); Alice has a very circular head because she’s a human doll and well doll’s have a very “baby like” and emotionless face with those big eyes. Also i didn’t really color the water because i wanted it to be like… “realistic” water is transparent, in the sea it reflects the sky and that’s it, but if i reflect the water in the drawing it could be a spoiler for what’s really going on so i just leave it like that. Also the “succubus” character in the classroom has no shoes because well she’s just resting there and left her shoes in a chair. Margarite looks a little off to me, maybe it’s just the pose i don’t know, but i do love the design i did on her.

So yeah that’s all for now, i did make some new ones just now but i don’t have the scanner right now, sorry! But when i get it again i’ll probably have to scan a lot! Thank you!! ❤


Oc’s Master List.

I have a full list of all the characters i made so far, i won’ show a picture of them yet (i’m working on it actually) but here’s the list of the names and my thoughts/inspiration when making them… (All of these are gonna be on a random order)

  • Heinzmann. I got inspired by a drawing i made in the middle of 2016, i wanted to make a balloon seller and i got little Heinzmann.
  • Doctor. It’s based on a teddy bear i carry with me almost all the time, i put a hat on it and everytime i go in the car i put him with the medical kit on the backseat with me, i love medical kits ~
  • New. I just thought about a simple cat actually.
  • Zugurushi Shung. I got inspiration by the story that (for me) is Kraina Grzybów (https://www.youtube.com/user/krainagrzybowtv).
  • Rurerer Sham. I was thinking about the average yume nikki fangame protagonist, a symbol on his t-shirt and two or three colors.
  • Nerielu T-zal. I based on Skull Kid’s mask from Majora’s Mask plus a song from the game called “Last Day”.
  • Sensan Shuju. I got inspiration by this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RHFFeQ2tu4.
  • Kuma Omocha. I based on an SCP (SCP-2295 to be exact) and the opening song for Re:Zero Kara.
  • Ishigen Maratsuke. I based on a song from one of my favorite song writer and composer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbMT7kyf4NY) I love this song ~
  • Juliet Rose. I based on one scenario from the game Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXuRI19gv5o) the scenario can be found at minute 12:04 (also i like this gaming channel, check his Tenchu gameplay~).
  • Jose Jakarn. I based on a cat i made up a looong time ago, like 2014. It was a scientific cat with big glasses.
  • Tottere Nactan. I wanted to make the average super hero from a comic with a cliche story but it ended up being super cool.
  • Denedend Nightomugu. The first day at the drawing institute the proffesor asked me to do a simple and fast drawing and i made a normal sailor kid, i ended up liking it so i finished it in a more cool way.
  • Atsuki Rei and Kurusu Rei. Based on a Vocaloid song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqfFieDY14E) and a character idea i had on 2015 for a Earthbound inspired story i made up in my head.
  • Akudere Kero and Kushike Kero. Based on character ideas i had on 2015 for a Earthbound inspired story and a drawing i made for a little friend a long time ago.
  • Nureru Haru. I got inspired by neon colors and lasers.
  • Mekele Vouquete. I based on a trap basically…
  • Mikael E. Yaya. I based on Deku from My Hero Academia, but only the school uniform and shoes look similar.
  • Lela E. Yaya. I got inspired by Malicecila drawings, one of my favorite artists.
  • Kuruno Shuupu. I got inspired by a Touhou song and the background of that same level (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H8mULP0XDc).
  • Angela, Adelino and Anastasia are based on characters i made on 2012 and i just remade them.
  • Kokoro Lucy Wata and Kokoro Roxy Wata are based on Black Rock Shooter characters.
  • Katherine Katze-Chuu and Pyowpw Pyon-Pyon Chuu are based on a song made by Caravan Palace (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbsBEb1ZxWA).
  • Lucy Rose Diamond. Is based on this breakcore touhou arrange (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXFHDbcjAZg) and on the average look of a kind, calm young lady that enjoys beautiful things.
  • GuruGuru GiriGiri. Based on this touhou song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qcah1Tk2cn0) and on swirls and spirals (i guess it’s the same?) and in Tomoe Mami’s hair.
  • Kagerou Shin Sphenschi Peng. Based on a penguin and a tsundere like boy style, it’s not actually a tsundere but i wanted him to look a little aggresive.
  • Koji Koki. She’s based on casino games and poker cards.
  • Perla Lapislazuli. She’s based on an idea of a sadistic evil milf.
  • Curlwill Pixpax. I got based on the idea of a hero but with a nurse uniform.
  • Katie Kitsune. She’s based on a scarecrow and a killer.
  • Celene Zulay. Basically i recycled a design i made on 2010/2011 of a zombie ballerina with a tragic story.
  • Parushi Paruparu. I based on this touhou song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifuWil2q_fs) and the idea of multiple sheeps (99 to be exact) and the school on Higurashi.
  • Nick Zalio. I got inspired by this Touhou song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUEPCSzOHmo) and the design just appeared in my mind.
  • Wataru. I got inspired by a Yume 2kki developer with the same name.
  • Kappute Kap-Kap. I got inspired by this song from my favorite vocaloid producer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btUKkbdUvk4).
  • Niko Nokialusa Takurassu, Erik Samsunglusa Takurassu and Chu-ni Pyon are based on guro images, cellphones and Yume 2kki scenarios and also, recycled from designs i made on 2012.
  • KateKare Spherea. I wanted to make a spider-based evil and powerfull milf and inspired by a Undertale song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WDFUcjWARU).
  • Margarite Magdalena Magareten. I wanted to make a crazy stalker with a katana that looks cute but also deadly, it ended up being reaaally good ~
  • Takao Shikane. I got inspired by this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Er6l7UOnbI) and a screenshot of a manga girl that says “i’m a virgin ya know”.
  • Alexis Bataranch. Is based on my obsesion with chocolate chips cookies and some clothes i have and also a dream i had where i was dying a shitload but still reviving everytime.
  • Sissy Sussie Shuru, Fufure Franklin Shuru and Poropong Venitaz Shuru. I had a dream with three cats on a italian town that helped me get to somewhere i don’t know, the dream was fun, one cat was red, other blue and the other one green basically.
  • KILLER BEAR. I had a dream where a person on a green teddy bear suit was following me and some kids i don’t know (of course he wanted to kill us all).
  • Dylan Scott. I wanted to make the average protagonist from an action movie for teens (ex. Percy Jackson or something like that) making him with a simple but protagonist like design and a protagonist like name, the idea of making him half-demon and half-human is also a cliche.
  • Poqo Itái. I based on a kid that was on my side on a super awesome dream i had, he looks a little bit like Mob but i tried to make him totally different…
  • Max Layo. I was bored one day and i made a simple drawing on paint but it ended up being a really cute design so i finished it on my notebook and made her an important part of a story i made up in my head on 2016.
  • Giovanna de Courte Liviana. She’s a recycled design i made on 2012.
  • Pigritia Callot. She is also a recycled design i made on 2012.
  • Rabie Guayasamin. She is, again, a recycled design i made on 2012 for a RPG Maker game idea.
  • James Bosch. Based on those lucky golden/white cats that non-stop wave his right paw.
  • Tokoroga Hoshi. Recycled design i made on 2014, i had the idea of a lust and playful boy that loves making sexy poses and tries to look cute all the time.
  • Christopher Hieronymus. Based on candies and sweets, also a Re:Zero Kara character that i don’t remember the name (the blonde loli from the first episode)
  • Kikeku and Dardee. One day i was with my family and one of my family members said “make a powerpuff girl” i did it without thinking at all but then i made the design at my style and it ended up being really cool and Dardee the same.
  • “Alice” Elaize Battenribbon, Meri Shuartz, Neren Tako and Laly Ladybug. All these are recycled designs i made for a Yume Nikki Fangame idea i had on 2012, Meri was based on common colors used on colorfull guro pictures, Neren is based on a Yume 2kki world full of kids inside a prison cell, Laly is based on an effect idea i had for my Yume Nikki Fangame, it was about gum and a ladybug, Elaize was based on a character from My Little Pony called Blinkie Pie(currently called Limestone Pie).
  • Ninguni Chipote. I got the idea from a Yume 2kki effect (Raincoat) and the innocent and weak look from the protagonist of Mayoiga (i didn’t liked this anime tbh, at first i was really excited, i tought it was going to be like Another but it ended up being unrealistic shit).
  • Minarara Munepea. I thought about tangerines and angelic orchestra instruments… yeah it’s weird.
  • Madoqua DikiDiku. She’s inspired from Zetsubou Sayonara Sensei’s characters, especially the fujoshi student.
  • Kikyo Kasuki. Based on a normal anime picture one friend send me.
  • Jufu Bunbun. I had the idea of an nervous and shy magician and a bunny.
  • Pumeshi Kushel. Is LITERALLY based on an ass pic, the underwear colors this dude was wearing inspired me in some way… don’t say anything about it plz.
  • Kiki Mandarina. I got the idea of average fujoshi neckbeard girl that’s socially akward.
  • Eliza Cancan. She’s based on Charlie and the chocolate factory and Koishi Komeiji from Touhou.
  • Leolero Pardalos. He’s based on this method of killing… (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Hansen).
  • Korikori Keke. She’s based on this song (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26623121) and what i see in that song, i see the story of a killed girl that was never found.
  • Kuronoe Kuroruk. I had the idea of the average witch but this time being a boy.
  • JACK. He’s based on trypophobia and shadow figures.
  • Jhonny Pekeke. He’s based on the idea i have that almost all koalas are lazy but have a lot of imagination and creativity.
  • Fere Luluf. Based on Rumia from Touhou and fire.
  • Xexe Veve. Based on beautiful and colourful jellyfishes.
  • Pierre. Based on spooky skeletons and cool masks.
  • Teretere Gegep. Based on a guro image i found on 2014.
  • Wakine Dudude. Based on a beautiful scenario from Alice Madness Returns (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6zRFcwL4ZM) minute 9:40.
  • Rinrin Keiker. Based on steampunk, bombs and aggresive mouse idea.
  • Chester Cheesecake. Inspired by a Billy and Mandy episode that was about a evil tricycle.
  • Eric Kulufe Kuromono. Based on white clothing i love to use and the idea of a calm, serious, quiet kid that loves doing the right thing.
  • Sam Uchi Honig. Based on cute and lazy bees.
  • Cigere Cigere. A friend told me about an animal he really likes, i had the idea of making a red riding hood based character so i combined both and got this cute character.
  • Webe Wanwan. Based on a nerd friend i had on school when i was 9/10 years old.
  • Luciana. She’s based on a touhou fangame beautiful song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCRHaEr5PLk) and the idea of a sleepy kind fairy.
  • Lala Fukushite. She’s based on a Kingdom Hearts song “Simple and Clean” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UigzN-4JR14) and the idea of bubble based attacks.
  • Alexander Bukkadere. Based on the average vocaloid producer idea i have, hikikomori, hates people, but loves robots and being on his room eating trash and traditional japanese food.
  • Mikaelel Conornea. Based on “The Beast” from Over The Garden Wall, being on christmas all alone and average christmas toys.
  • “The 8 Snails Family”. Based on a house i made one day when i was bored and didn’t know what to draw, the numer 8 was inspired by two songs from Re:Zero Kara (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJiG15euUes) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e_JWu8StjM) < especially this one, number 5 was based on this song from the movie Kill Bill (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiiMAq13-ZI).

That’s it for now!!! hope you liked it ~

I’m gonna make more in the future, but for now, i have stuff to do ~