Im not dead, also Osomatsu AMV progress

Sorry for the hiatus, some personal problems happened lately ~

I’ve been making progress but also i wanted to finish some “H A R T M A N N ‘ S   V A P E” pics, im doing pretty good and don’t worry, also check my youtube channel cause i may stream the next part soon !!

Also, im more active on my twitter than here, because i only need to use my phone to post something, but almost all the time is just “life stuff”1335193466349.png

PS : MAYBE soon i’ll post screenshots of more yume nikki fangames, is just im really into making these pics on photoshop, sorry !!


Why i’m so inactive

I have a lot of stuff to do, and no, not studies or work. I have a lot of projects at the same time, here’s the list of projects and ideas :

  • Edit videos (I have all the recordings for like… a month of videos but i still didn’t edit them)
  • Osomatsu AMV (i’m working on it now)
  • Disney Danmaku Game (I really need to find a good program for it, i thought about Unity2D but it’s too complex for me and tutorials are just crap)
  • “Oc’s Story” (There is a story i need to finish and i didn’t even started on (maybe) an RPG Maker Game with Danmaku Battles)
  • More stories (There are a lot of story ideas i have, even designs and backgrounds for it but i still don’t know if i should just make them on text or game or animation)
  • Twitter (I am inactive for now but when i come back i’ll have to check all the accounts i follow to RT everything)
  • Finish drawings and character designs and even more (I need to finish a LOT of characters and stuff)
  • Finish my project and video ideas (I still need to at least write them or i dunno)
  • Make 3D backgrounds (I really would like to but i don’t know how to, i have great ideas for this but i just can’t right now)
  • Learn how to do good animation (I didn’t even started)
  • Make an Earthbound ROM Hack (I still have everything on a notepad)
  • Finish some animus
  • I still need to translate a fanfiction i did on spanish and even drawings for it
  • And i need to finish and explore Yume Nikki Fangames
  • Real life stuff

So now you know why am i so inactive… damn.


Since the last post (Going out) i was awake all night until now (i’m gonna sleep just after publishing this) and… oh shit, i feel so… wake me up inside~

Also, i did eated pizza, it was REALLY good and Mint-Vanilla Ice Cream Cup, it’s was sooo delicious! Tomorrow i’ll go to buy more color pencils for the Disney Danmaku Game and for other drawing i want to make, also a new notebook for drawing~ Don’t wory, i’ll sleep now so tomorrow i won’t fall asleep in the middle of the street. Sweet Dreams~


Yume Nikki Fangames List

In almost 5 years (or more) i’ve been playing Yume Nikki Fangames.

Here’s the list of the ones i played first and last…

  • .flow (Completed)
  • Lcd Dem (Completed)
  • Me (Didn’t get an ending)
  • Yume Nisshi (Not completed)
  • Yume 2kki (i’ve been almost a year collecting the effects and events ;w; and im still waiting for version 1.000 (it’s version 0.104 so… im waiting ;_;))
  • Someday (Not completed)
  • The Other Line (Not completed)
  • May (Not completed, i didn’t understood the game)
  • Acatalepsy (Not completed)
  • N’Oubliez Jamais (Completed)
  • Answered Prayers (Didn’t get an ending)
  • Broken Bottles (Not completed)
  • Ultra Violet (There’s no ending, but i got all the efects, also, i think there’s gonna be a new version soon… and im really excited for it)
  • Debris (Played once, but im gonna play it again soon)
  • My Favorite (Playing now (1:22 pm 13/6/2016))

So… I downloaded a lot of games and i already have them, here’s the list of the games to play (the ones that are not completed will be finished first and then i’ll play the games in this list)

  • NostAlgic (Heard this one is really pretty, i can’t wait to try it)
  • -1 Minus Ichi (Heard this one has really pretty art, but the music is ok)
  • Dream? (This one look pretty weird, there was a lot of time it wasn’t updated but i’ll try it anyway)
  • Mugamuchuu (I just liked the protagonist design)
  • Device (I love the protagonist design, also, heard this one is very related to music, so maybe it has pretty cool music in it… right?)
  • Yume no Mata Yume (I heard this one has a freaky ending, i guess it was this one)
  • Saigo no Uta (Seems interesting, also, a lot of efects to collect)
  • Sick Mind (This one looks pretty good)
  • Witoru Neta Dream (It’s suppose to be the first Yume Nikki Fangame that has a male protagonist and dialogue, that makes me curious)
  • Yume Kayoi (Seems like a good and pretty game)
  • The Looking Glass (I don’t know, i think it’s gonna be good)
  • Yume Fumi (Looks cute and long)
  • MixiM (Looks really well made and cute)
  • Yume Wo (Nice design and a lot of efects)
  • Negaigoto (Seems well made)
  • Coma (The protagonist looks really well made and i heard it’s a plataform game, so im a little curious)
  • The door of thoughts (Seems cringie)
  • Kind Heart (Looks cute and pretty)
  • Hide & Seek (A lot of efects and looks really well made)
  • If (Looks good)
  • Usagi (I love bunnies)

And that’s everything for now, i check the Yume Nikki fangames Wiki almost often, so i will be updated to new games and updates of this games or whatever.