My twitter is active again + new video

Also I did a new video, I fixed the youtube rewind 2017 (Shitty editing + bad memes + boredom really) feel free to watch and comments, thank you ❤

I’ll be more active now, since I finished school and all, also I got a new haircut, i was using Snapchat (for bad text on screen memes) and shit, im gonna post pics of myself now thx ❤



I lost the user I was using for the KH Tribute, also for the Vampillia mix, I lost my most recent projects… It’s okay tho, I can get it back because I posted the gifs in here, and some friends have pictures I did, also I will post just now new photoshop images I 100% did. ALSO, I finished highschool yay! Now I can go to a technology institute! ❤



Im not dead, also Osomatsu AMV progress

Sorry for the hiatus, some personal problems happened lately ~

I’ve been making progress but also i wanted to finish some “H A R T M A N N ‘ S   V A P E” pics, im doing pretty good and don’t worry, also check my youtube channel cause i may stream the next part soon !!

Also, im more active on my twitter than here, because i only need to use my phone to post something, but almost all the time is just “life stuff”1335193466349.png

PS : MAYBE soon i’ll post screenshots of more yume nikki fangames, is just im really into making these pics on photoshop, sorry !!

Why i’m so inactive

I have a lot of stuff to do, and no, not studies or work. I have a lot of projects at the same time, here’s the list of projects and ideas :

  • Edit videos (I have all the recordings for like… a month of videos but i still didn’t edit them)
  • Osomatsu AMV (i’m working on it now)
  • Disney Danmaku Game (I really need to find a good program for it, i thought about Unity2D but it’s too complex for me and tutorials are just crap)
  • “Oc’s Story” (There is a story i need to finish and i didn’t even started on (maybe) an RPG Maker Game with Danmaku Battles)
  • More stories (There are a lot of story ideas i have, even designs and backgrounds for it but i still don’t know if i should just make them on text or game or animation)
  • Twitter (I am inactive for now but when i come back i’ll have to check all the accounts i follow to RT everything)
  • Finish drawings and character designs and even more (I need to finish a LOT of characters and stuff)
  • Finish my project and video ideas (I still need to at least write them or i dunno)
  • Make 3D backgrounds (I really would like to but i don’t know how to, i have great ideas for this but i just can’t right now)
  • Learn how to do good animation (I didn’t even started)
  • Make an Earthbound ROM Hack (I still have everything on a notepad)
  • Finish some animus
  • I still need to translate a fanfiction i did on spanish and even drawings for it
  • And i need to finish and explore Yume Nikki Fangames
  • Real life stuff

So now you know why am i so inactive… damn.

Progress !!

I finally finished the masking of a clip on the Osomatsu AMV, also i did this for some little frames…


Creepy af, but is just for 1 second, i did it with photoshop and some sony vegas effects (I’m making it on sony vegas pro 10) , thank you for being patient !!+

PS : Resolution is 1280 x 720 .


I’m so hungry~ i’ll go and buy something, it’s raining really hard but it’s alright, i hope the wind is not that strong or my cute umbrella could broke ;w; Also, i am making progress on the Osomatsu AMV, don’t worry AND here’s the costume i used in Halloween (bad quality cause i didn’t took the pic with my camera, just my phone)


PS : Those shoes are so uncomfortable, pretty hard to walk on those. Also it’s something i made up, i don’t know if the dress is from something cause i bought it on an anime con.