Forgetti the SpaGET~

Well… remember when i said i was going to met some people? Well… i couldn’t hold myself and told them to fuck off, one of them just went so angry just for that and said “i’ll kick ya in the next convention u whore!!” and i was like “alright then, i’ll tell ya when im there” And my friend said “don’t go there” so i didn’t go to the next convention, also, i still want to make my Koishi cosplay so… i don’t have any reason to go on a convention for now… Also, i’m still doing some stuff, that’s why i was so inactive, sorry about that~


Earthbound Romhack?

I wanna make an Earthbound Romhack but i dunno how to, i got really inspired of a dream i had. It was preeeetty weird but… the idea was awesome! I was dreaming that there was an Earthbound Romhack with Jeff being the protagonist, and boy it was weird!! I love it! So, after making the Disney Danmaku Game, i’ll be making this romhack. I’m gonna make a story for it so i know what to do~ Earthbound.jpg


Even if anybody sees my blog, i’m still going to keep it. I don’t give a shit anymore, this is my blog and i want to keep it active. Everyday i’m trying to post something even if it’s not relevant. Of course, maybe in the future i’ll get a lot of views for cosplaying, fanart, games, etc. But for now, i’m nothing in wordpress or in the internet. I used to be something, i had a youtube channel and i had a LOT of activity everyday, but something happened and i disappeared. Now, i have this account, everything is safe, new, organized and calm. I feel really relaxed and comfy with this change~ 4.jpg

Tasty Tasty~

Tasty animals are the best thing! Isn’t it?! Eating is a pleasure that all human beings share. We love to eat what we like. Of course, there are vegetarians but… those are just stupid pussies. I love chicken, eggs, meat, etc. If i like it i will eat it, i don’t care what it is. Anyway i think that vegetarians are just stupid, i mean, we don’t kill animals for pleasure, we kill animals for the pleasure that comes next, eating. If you don’t like people eating meat or whatever, well too bad. Of course, i can have a vegeterian friend, but… no, i just won’t, also, if you think killing animals is bad, then be a complete pacifist person… that’s not bad, but i assure you… you shouldn’t. Animals don’t have feelings, don’t matter how you want to convince me, there’s no actual proof of that, of course i like animals… but only the cute ones actually. I love bunnies, cats, etc. I hate dogs… they’re just fucking stupid. Well… i could talk more about this but… na. I’ll go to sleep now~Wallpaper

04:53 am

I won’t never go to that shit pesterchum chat again, it’s cringe and full of stupid kids, all of the are butthurted just for two words and shit and i tried to be nice even for that, i cared at least ffs. Well it doesn’t matter really. I have my friends and all… i hope they don’t remember my blog, i won’t like to have stupid “special and unique” kids in my blog…CmQDrcpUIAEvdfF

Also, i did advance the Disney Danmaku Game and some drawings AND i did the other mixes for the blog music player. Also… i’m thinking about doing a John Egbert cosplay but with shorts… oh my~ alright, i think i may look weird, also my best friend wants to make a Karkat cosplay… guys the ship is real~