10:56 pm

So uh i’ve been all day at home, it’s so fucking cold outside and i’m very sensitive to cold weather (i’m not saying i get sick easily, i’m saying that i feel a shitload of cold even if it’s not THAT cold) and yeah so i had to be in bed for some hours and then i just got bored and went on the pc and watch some movies with my friend Dilan. Also i ate macaroni… ravioli ravioli do not fuck the dragon loli xdxd.

Also to mention, like a week or two weeks ago i got a new haircut, shorter of course and i look good, also i can leave it just like that and it doesn’t get messy at a point that i look like i’ve been doing drugs, but i still can’t help my shit smug face so yeah.

AND also i’ve been like a month or two at a JoJo Amino and it’s actually the most decent one, all the others are full of cancer and “pacman emojo” so… yeah it’s fucking retarded.

Also there are some guys that i had a “fight” that are STILL talking shit about me on his facebook group, they literally say “ur a fucking weeaboo xdxd” and i never call myself otaku or japanese, of course my username is just a joke, combining “Bakano” (Idiot or stupid) “Weeby” (Weeaboo, anime fan, otaku) and i’ve never talked about anime on the chat unless they did, the fact that they’re actually +16 almost all of them it’s just pathetic really, i can’t believe that after sooo much time, literally like four months they keep up with this shit, they act like retarded 12 year olds that scream at you at gmod servers for shooting them once, fuck that shit. They even want me back, but of course i know they keep posting shit about me cause a friend of mine sends me screenshots, also the fucking administrator is just a pain in the ass, they literally one day send child porn and me with another guy got disgusted and told the admin so at least he can do something about it but he just said “you’re a bunch of idiots if you think doing that is bad, in the internet is totally normal” but the fact that they send it on our group is not okay you piece of shit, and even another guy left after that and my friend too, also another friend. These people also report facebook account for fun or for any stupid reason, they use the word “normie” like an insult, at first the group was very decent and nice, but after some events and the change of mind the admin had they went to shit, some of them noticed the change and left. I was actually talking nice to the admin and even told him “if you have a problem or something you can tell me and i’ll try to help you” but he went mad at me for some reason and literally told me “you’re just a 16 year old stupid boy, of course i don’t need your help” “I have my life totally resolved, you’re just 16, you don’t know anything” but the guy is 19 years old and makes low quality leafy style videos, literally he just records and stops, no edition or shit also the same joke all the time “oh this makes want to die” “this makes me suicidal” “clickbait title just like leafy” “now i take seriously a parody video and talk shit about it just for views” it’s like a suicidal leafy bootleg literally, after some time we had a discord server and the admin invited a girl (annoying voice + typical american hottie with normie jokes) i joked saying “ew a girl xd” and the guy got really angry and said “do you want attention asshole?” he thinks i beg for attention but actually he is the one getting all the attention, the group was for his fans, not mine.

I should stop talking about these guys really, but i wanted to in some way so people know more about my life i guess and also an idea of how i think or act in this kind of events. Also now i’m making a video with a friend so bye ~

PD: I’m eating cookies lol



Forgetti the SpaGET~

Well… remember when i said i was going to met some people? Well… i couldn’t hold myself and told them to fuck off, one of them just went so angry just for that and said “i’ll kick ya in the next convention u whore!!” and i was like “alright then, i’ll tell ya when im there” And my friend said “don’t go there” so i didn’t go to the next convention, also, i still want to make my Koishi cosplay so… i don’t have any reason to go on a convention for now… Also, i’m still doing some stuff, that’s why i was so inactive, sorry about that~


Earthbound Romhack?

I wanna make an Earthbound Romhack but i dunno how to, i got really inspired of a dream i had. It was preeeetty weird but… the idea was awesome! I was dreaming that there was an Earthbound Romhack with Jeff being the protagonist, and boy it was weird!! I love it! So, after making the Disney Danmaku Game, i’ll be making this romhack. I’m gonna make a story for it so i know what to do~ Earthbound.jpg


Even if anybody sees my blog, i’m still going to keep it. I don’t give a shit anymore, this is my blog and i want to keep it active. Everyday i’m trying to post something even if it’s not relevant. Of course, maybe in the future i’ll get a lot of views for cosplaying, fanart, games, etc. But for now, i’m nothing in wordpress or in the internet. I used to be something, i had a youtube channel and i had a LOT of activity everyday, but something happened and i disappeared. Now, i have this account, everything is safe, new, organized and calm. I feel really relaxed and comfy with this change~ 4.jpg

Tasty Tasty~

Tasty animals are the best thing! Isn’t it?! Eating is a pleasure that all human beings share. We love to eat what we like. Of course, there are vegetarians but… those are just stupid pussies. I love chicken, eggs, meat, etc. If i like it i will eat it, i don’t care what it is. Anyway i think that vegetarians are just stupid, i mean, we don’t kill animals for pleasure, we kill animals for the pleasure that comes next, eating. If you don’t like people eating meat or whatever, well too bad. Of course, i can have a vegeterian friend, but… no, i just won’t, also, if you think killing animals is bad, then be a complete pacifist person… that’s not bad, but i assure you… you shouldn’t. Animals don’t have feelings, don’t matter how you want to convince me, there’s no actual proof of that, of course i like animals… but only the cute ones actually. I love bunnies, cats, etc. I hate dogs… they’re just fucking stupid. Well… i could talk more about this but… na. I’ll go to sleep now~Wallpaper