Silly paint images ~

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PS: These where made on korean google hangouts that i join from twitter (everyone was drawing something on paint so i did ~)


Im not dead, also Osomatsu AMV progress

Sorry for the hiatus, some personal problems happened lately ~

I’ve been making progress but also i wanted to finish some “H A R T M A N N ‘ S   V A P E” pics, im doing pretty good and don’t worry, also check my youtube channel cause i may stream the next part soon !!

Also, im more active on my twitter than here, because i only need to use my phone to post something, but almost all the time is just “life stuff”1335193466349.png

PS : MAYBE soon i’ll post screenshots of more yume nikki fangames, is just im really into making these pics on photoshop, sorry !!

Kawaii Voices~

Here you can listen to some things that sound very kawaii!!

Nico Nico Nii –

Oni chan –

Suki da yo –

Nya –

Kimochi yo –

Arigatou –

Onegai shimasu –

And that’s all guys!!… it’s a meme you dip


01:37 am

I’m playing Earthbound again so i can play Mother 3, i never played Mother 3 but i like the protagonist design Lucas. Also i’m going to a comic drawing institute now, so every thursday in the afternoon i’ll be going to class. It’s really great! I like it. Also i can’t decide a drawing for the exhibition, maybe an original character i made or an Earthbound fanart, i don’t know, BUT! do not worry, i have everything under control~ Also, i’m probably making new friends in this institute, i hope they are not dissapointing and boring!!


Forgetti the SpaGET~

Well… remember when i said i was going to met some people? Well… i couldn’t hold myself and told them to fuck off, one of them just went so angry just for that and said “i’ll kick ya in the next convention u whore!!” and i was like “alright then, i’ll tell ya when im there” And my friend said “don’t go there” so i didn’t go to the next convention, also, i still want to make my Koishi cosplay so… i don’t have any reason to go on a convention for now… Also, i’m still doing some stuff, that’s why i was so inactive, sorry about that~


List of things i have to do :’J

  • Renders (Koishi Komeiji, Mako Mankanshoku, Rin Okumura, Panty Anarchy, Stocking Anarchy, Etc.)
  • Images for the Disney Dankamu Game
  • Drawing new character designs for some stories i am making…
  • Finish like… 9 videos i think
  • Finish Gantz, Ao no Exorcist, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, Etc.
  • Get some cosplays and think about what cosplay i want first ;w;
  • Finish reading Homestuck
  • Get all Vocaloid songs i have in super HQ bullshit and get some new vocaloid songs…
  • Get some anime songs i still do not have…
  • Keep thinking about a story i want to make
  • Finish OFF and Mother 3
  • Watch some videos i still did not finish or seen
  • Download a shitload of Touhou images and animu images and keep track of them
  • Still think in the RPG Game i want to make about some Sonic thing…
  • Finish those mixes for the blog…
  • Translate the MLP Fanfiction to english and finish some drawings for it
  • Go out of my room

So… that is ALL i have to do… I am not that… well… Uh, forget it. I’ll have this here so you can see how fucked up i am… Kill me


Earthbound Romhack?

I wanna make an Earthbound Romhack but i dunno how to, i got really inspired of a dream i had. It was preeeetty weird but… the idea was awesome! I was dreaming that there was an Earthbound Romhack with Jeff being the protagonist, and boy it was weird!! I love it! So, after making the Disney Danmaku Game, i’ll be making this romhack. I’m gonna make a story for it so i know what to do~ Earthbound.jpg