Nice Wave Videos~


Some AMV ideas!!

I got a really nice idea today, i want to make a Osomatsu AMV!! with this song made by this great artist that i really love : .

I don’t know, i did some AMV’s in the past but they were really amateur~ But do not worry, i’ve been progresing A LOT in editing videos, so if i make a AMV it’s gonna be the result of hard work and a lot of time, depending on my imagination these days~ I’m downloading the Osomatsu episodes already, it may take a lot of time, but do not worry, my internet is not THAT slow anyway!!


List of things i have to do :’J

  • Renders (Koishi Komeiji, Mako Mankanshoku, Rin Okumura, Panty Anarchy, Stocking Anarchy, Etc.)
  • Images for the Disney Dankamu Game
  • Drawing new character designs for some stories i am making…
  • Finish like… 9 videos i think
  • Finish Gantz, Ao no Exorcist, Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori, Etc.
  • Get some cosplays and think about what cosplay i want first ;w;
  • Finish reading Homestuck
  • Get all Vocaloid songs i have in super HQ bullshit and get some new vocaloid songs…
  • Get some anime songs i still do not have…
  • Keep thinking about a story i want to make
  • Finish OFF and Mother 3
  • Watch some videos i still did not finish or seen
  • Download a shitload of Touhou images and animu images and keep track of them
  • Still think in the RPG Game i want to make about some Sonic thing…
  • Finish those mixes for the blog…
  • Translate the MLP Fanfiction to english and finish some drawings for it
  • Go out of my room

So… that is ALL i have to do… I am not that… well… Uh, forget it. I’ll have this here so you can see how fucked up i am… Kill me


04:53 am

I won’t never go to that shit pesterchum chat again, it’s cringe and full of stupid kids, all of the are butthurted just for two words and shit and i tried to be nice even for that, i cared at least ffs. Well it doesn’t matter really. I have my friends and all… i hope they don’t remember my blog, i won’t like to have stupid “special and unique” kids in my blog…CmQDrcpUIAEvdfF

Also, i did advance the Disney Danmaku Game and some drawings AND i did the other mixes for the blog music player. Also… i’m thinking about doing a John Egbert cosplay but with shorts… oh my~ alright, i think i may look weird, also my best friend wants to make a Karkat cosplay… guys the ship is real~


Well i’ve been reading/playing(? the comic with my best frind and we made it to Rose, but we paused there, i did understand more this time and it’s actually entertaining af. Also…John is ma waifu (ok im sorry i just wanted to say that) but anyway, i’ll be watching some videos now and drawing more stuff. Yeah, i’m still drawing… i like it you baka. Also, maybe later i’ll be making more archives for the Disney Danmaku Game, remember, i do all the stuff except the…uh… technical stuff…? I guess?  Uh… I’ll update some more later!! But for now all i can say, is that eerything is planned except for the attack patterns, but don’t worry i can always think fast when it comes to “cute and deadly patterns” ;w; (Also, i’m still with the music player, don’t worry, i’m uploading all the mixes in permanent uploaders called,, and more)2014-08-09-665696.png


Today i had ice cream, vanilla and mint… gud. Also, now im talking to two friends. I think my best friend is asleep but… it’s alright. Also i did advance the music player… you baka.2015-11-10-783554.png

Music Player

I’m making a music player for the blog, it may look like there’s not many songs or whatever, but im mixing up all together in one song, here’s the list of the music player:

  • Ultra Violet Mix
  • Yume 2kki Mix
  • Yume Nikki Mix
  • Yume Nikki Fangames Mix
  • RPG Maker Games Mix
  • Games Mix
  • Anime Songs Mix
  • Anime Ost Mix
  • Touhou Mix
  • Touhou Arrange Mix
  • Piano Mix
  • Vocaloid Mix
  • Breakcore/Splittercore/Etc. Mix
  • Nero’s Day at Disneyland
  • Undertale Mix
  • Maximum the Hormone Mix
  • Madoka Magica Mix
  • Smile Guide Mix
  • Misc. Mix
  • Sentimental Corp Mix

If you wonder why i put Madoka Magica and Undertale apart, it’s cause it got a lot of songs so… it would be pretty long. Don’t worry if you can’t find your specific song to play, ill make a special list in the blog after i make the music player so you can choose what to hear.