New drawing

The BG is very simple, I didn’t wanted to waste more time making a detailed BG and shadowing, so for now I’m going to leave it like this… (Takeru and Noboru are in this image)


The class looks pretty empty and shit, don’t worry I’ll add things later I dunno.

PS: Fanarts in the comments only, please.

PS: I just realized there’s a TINY error in the coloring, ffs It makes me wanna die but I can’t change it now, fuck it.


<3 Noboru Mado Drawing <3

I finally finished this thing, It took me hours to do. I tried to do some shadowing and lighting also the first time I do bruises on a PC, used different brushed, patterns and shit from DeviantArt. Also im lazy to give the credits, and why should I? Nobody gives a shit unless they want It. (I think It looks a little EDGY :c ffs but it’s because he’s supposed to be damaged, tired and mentally unstable because… story things I shouldn’t say)


Here you have him without the colors and all, so you can do your own edits I dunno… (Transparent PNG)


PS: If you do any edits, you can share It In the comments, thank you ❤

Im not dead, also Osomatsu AMV progress

Sorry for the hiatus, some personal problems happened lately ~

I’ve been making progress but also i wanted to finish some “H A R T M A N N ‘ S   V A P E” pics, im doing pretty good and don’t worry, also check my youtube channel cause i may stream the next part soon !!

Also, im more active on my twitter than here, because i only need to use my phone to post something, but almost all the time is just “life stuff”1335193466349.png

PS : MAYBE soon i’ll post screenshots of more yume nikki fangames, is just im really into making these pics on photoshop, sorry !!

Earthbound Fanart ~

I made my own weird Ness, i call it PK NESS

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And here the Vape versions…

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AND HERE, i made a little wallpaper with the original Earthbound sprites…

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I had a lot of fun making these (especially this wallpaper and the vape versions) Hope you like it !!

PS: If you wonder why my version of Ness has a little red in his eyes, it is because he cries a shitload :j