Why i’m so inactive

I have a lot of stuff to do, and no, not studies or work. I have a lot of projects at the same time, here’s the list of projects and ideas :

  • Edit videos (I have all the recordings for like… a month of videos but i still didn’t edit them)
  • Osomatsu AMV (i’m working on it now)
  • Disney Danmaku Game (I really need to find a good program for it, i thought about Unity2D but it’s too complex for me and tutorials are just crap)
  • “Oc’s Story” (There is a story i need to finish and i didn’t even started on (maybe) an RPG Maker Game with Danmaku Battles)
  • More stories (There are a lot of story ideas i have, even designs and backgrounds for it but i still don’t know if i should just make them on text or game or animation)
  • Twitter (I am inactive for now but when i come back i’ll have to check all the accounts i follow to RT everything)
  • Finish drawings and character designs and even more (I need to finish a LOT of characters and stuff)
  • Finish my project and video ideas (I still need to at least write them or i dunno)
  • Make 3D backgrounds (I really would like to but i don’t know how to, i have great ideas for this but i just can’t right now)
  • Learn how to do good animation (I didn’t even started)
  • Make an Earthbound ROM Hack (I still have everything on a notepad)
  • Finish some animus
  • I still need to translate a fanfiction i did on spanish and even drawings for it
  • And i need to finish and explore Yume Nikki Fangames
  • Real life stuff

So now you know why am i so inactive… damn.


Disney Danmaku Game~

Here’s a little preview for some of the game archives…

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The teddy bear with a heart and the iron tiny golem (Stage 3 BG) is a reference to SCP. Also the Pixar ball and the flowers are just taken from Google and then i made renders of it, also the cristals and all. I did the numbers and items, also the player select text, everything is made by me, just that some of the pics for the Stage BG are taken from google. Here’s a list of playable characters :

  1. Oswald
  2. Hades
  3. Cruella de Vil
  4. Malefica
  5. Captain Hook
  6. Queen of Hearts

And here the bosses list :

  1. Bambi
  2. Lady Marian
  3. Bernardo and Bianca
  4. Chip & Dale
  5. PoLo & Tootsie
  6. Flora, Merryweather and Fauna
  7. Alice and Cheshire Cat
  8. Pooh
  9. Dumbo
  10. Roger Rabbit
  11. Pinocchio
  12. Zero
  13. Goofy
  14. Donald
  15. Mickey

Thank you for following the game, of course i am taking my time to make this, i have a lot of things to do, please be patient!!

08:16 pm

I’m making a lot of progress on the Disney Danmaku Game, also i been searching for better programs than Touhou Danmakufu to make the game, but i still need more archives, so for now i don’t have to worry about it. Also i made an exclusive wallpaper for the Osomatsu AMV, here it is.


Resolution is 1280 x 720 .

04:53 am

I won’t never go to that shit pesterchum chat again, it’s cringe and full of stupid kids, all of the are butthurted just for two words and shit and i tried to be nice even for that, i cared at least ffs. Well it doesn’t matter really. I have my friends and all… i hope they don’t remember my blog, i won’t like to have stupid “special and unique” kids in my blog…CmQDrcpUIAEvdfF

Also, i did advance the Disney Danmaku Game and some drawings AND i did the other mixes for the blog music player. Also… i’m thinking about doing a John Egbert cosplay but with shorts… oh my~ alright, i think i may look weird, also my best friend wants to make a Karkat cosplay… guys the ship is real~


Well i’ve been reading/playing(? the comic with my best frind and we made it to Rose, but we paused there, i did understand more this time and it’s actually entertaining af. Also…John is ma waifu (ok im sorry i just wanted to say that) but anyway, i’ll be watching some videos now and drawing more stuff. Yeah, i’m still drawing… i like it you baka. Also, maybe later i’ll be making more archives for the Disney Danmaku Game, remember, i do all the stuff except the…uh… technical stuff…? I guess?  Uh… I’ll update some more later!! But for now all i can say, is that eerything is planned except for the attack patterns, but don’t worry i can always think fast when it comes to “cute and deadly patterns” ;w; (Also, i’m still with the music player, don’t worry, i’m uploading all the mixes in permanent uploaders called Desu.sh, FuwaFuwa.moe, Aww.moe and more)2014-08-09-665696.png


Since the last post (Going out) i was awake all night until now (i’m gonna sleep just after publishing this) and… oh shit, i feel so… wake me up inside~

Also, i did eated pizza, it was REALLY good and Mint-Vanilla Ice Cream Cup, it’s was sooo delicious! Tomorrow i’ll go to buy more color pencils for the Disney Danmaku Game and for other drawing i want to make, also a new notebook for drawing~ Don’t wory, i’ll sleep now so tomorrow i won’t fall asleep in the middle of the street. Sweet Dreams~


Making some game progress~

I’m still making some designs for the Disney Danmaku Game, i just made Cruella de Vil (looks REALLY good), and some enemies for the stages and the stage menu, i need to keep doing more stage menus (it’s gonna be different for every stage, 15 stages in total) Here’s the list of enemies that will appear, from 1 to 15 (the last one is the final boss, also, a little middle boss in every stage) :

  1. Thumper and Flower (Middle Boss), Bambi (Boss)
  2. Little Sister and Sexton Mouse (Middle Boss), Lady Marian (Boss)
  3. Olivia Flaversham and Perla (Middle Boss), Bernard and Miss Bianca (Boss)
  4. Lulubelle (Middle Boss), Chip and Dale (Boss)
  5. Server Penguins (Middle Boss), Polo and Tootsie (Boss)
  6. Periwinkle (Middle Boss), Flora, Merryweather and Fauna (Boss)
  7. The White Rabbit (Middle Boss), Alice and Chesshire Cat (Boss)
  8. Piglet and Roo (Middle Boss), Pooh (Boss)
  9. Timothy Q. Mouse (Middle Boss), Dumbo (Boss)
  10. Benny (Middle Boss), Roger Rabbit (Boss)
  11. Fígaro (Middle Boss), Pinocchio (Boss)
  12. Jack Skellington (Middle Boss), Zero (Boss)
  13. Perla and Suzy (Middle Boss), Goofy (Boss)
  14. Huey, Dewey and Louie (Middle Boss), Donald (Boss)
  15. Minnie and Pluto (Middle Boss), Mickey (Boss)

There’s also 6 Extra Bosses, yeah i know… that’s crazy, but… it’s made for the story, also, gonna be really fucking crazy, all of them have a “Last Words”, it means that, when you defeat them, they make A REALLY HARDCORE attack, the music changes and the scenary too, it’s gonna be really crazy, but don’t worry, it’s not gonna be THAT impossible. Of course, some events are not pleasant for the average human, but don’t worry, this game is not made for the average and innocent human… it’s made for those that are “special” or just like “weird” things… i’m not talking about lewd or perverted things of course, i’m talking about other stuff… don’t worry tho! Everyone can play it… NO MATTER HOW YOU ARE, YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT… IT’S YOUR DESICION IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT AND I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR ACTION IT MAY CAUSE LATER, IT’S YOUR MIND, NOT MINE, YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE YOUSELF FEEL NOTHING IF YOU’RE BOTHERED OR OFFENDED…


I’ll show you some desings i made for the game, you know, the Disney Danmaku Game (i still didn’t think of a name yet but don’t worry, i will) It’s probably gonna be Bambi, Chip & Dale and The Queen of Hearts. But, i do take a long time drawing so… yeh. You better go watch something else or distract youself of waiting~

Disney Danmaku Game

Me and my best friend are making a new Disney game.

I’m the one doing everything and he’ll just make the script, i already got all the music i’ll use (not copyrighted music, but indie music if you know what i mean…), all the character desing and the game will be made for Touhou Danmakufu. It’s probably gonna be a really heavy script cause i got a lot of REALLY crazy ideas for this game (it’s gonna be a M rated game but who cares, even a 5 year old kid watched “vampire cunt” so i don’t think it’s gonna be important to change it).

Also to mention, the game will be a BULLET HELL game, what i mean by this, is that, there’s not gonna be Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty, there’s gonna be only one difficulty, i want my game to be synched with the music and the patterns and “spells” to be 100% complete even if it’s REALLY HARD. I want my game to be beautiful but fun and entertaining to watch so… SO, im gonna make the game as hard as i want and how i want it, im not gonna change anything for no one, it’s my game and if i want it to be extremely hard, ill make it like that. So, maybe later ill show up some character desings i made in this blog, feel free to ask wich characters from Disney are going to be in this game or other things you wanna know, i may not answer all of them cause i don’t want any spoilers ;w; but anyway, feel free to ask anything.