New Photoshop Pics!

I did these like two moths ago i think.

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Also i’ve never watched Dagan Ronpa, i did those two Nagito pics for a friend because well… it was his birthday! ❤


Why i’m so inactive

I have a lot of stuff to do, and no, not studies or work. I have a lot of projects at the same time, here’s the list of projects and ideas :

  • Edit videos (I have all the recordings for like… a month of videos but i still didn’t edit them)
  • Osomatsu AMV (i’m working on it now)
  • Disney Danmaku Game (I really need to find a good program for it, i thought about Unity2D but it’s too complex for me and tutorials are just crap)
  • “Oc’s Story” (There is a story i need to finish and i didn’t even started on (maybe) an RPG Maker Game with Danmaku Battles)
  • More stories (There are a lot of story ideas i have, even designs and backgrounds for it but i still don’t know if i should just make them on text or game or animation)
  • Twitter (I am inactive for now but when i come back i’ll have to check all the accounts i follow to RT everything)
  • Finish drawings and character designs and even more (I need to finish a LOT of characters and stuff)
  • Finish my project and video ideas (I still need to at least write them or i dunno)
  • Make 3D backgrounds (I really would like to but i don’t know how to, i have great ideas for this but i just can’t right now)
  • Learn how to do good animation (I didn’t even started)
  • Make an Earthbound ROM Hack (I still have everything on a notepad)
  • Finish some animus
  • I still need to translate a fanfiction i did on spanish and even drawings for it
  • And i need to finish and explore Yume Nikki Fangames
  • Real life stuff

So now you know why am i so inactive… damn.

08:16 pm

I’m making a lot of progress on the Disney Danmaku Game, also i been searching for better programs than Touhou Danmakufu to make the game, but i still need more archives, so for now i don’t have to worry about it. Also i made an exclusive wallpaper for the Osomatsu AMV, here it is.


Resolution is 1280 x 720 .

09:24 pm

I went today to this comic drawing class… the teacher said that in my class there’s a little kid of 10 years old, i wanna met him but it seems he’s not coming, i wonder why, i can actually email the place and ask for the direction or something to met him i dunno. Also, it was pretty boring, these people need to talk a little, i was the only one talking to the teacher and the others (just 6 people came today, including me!!) they are SO INTROVERTED IT FUCKING HURTS!! So boring and stupid, i think that kid won’t be like that, kids are usually very active and extroverted, i hope i can talk to him a lot if he comes one day. Also, i made progress on the Osomatsu AMV, do not worry, is just that… i really want to make it good, so the visuals look perfect and in the way i want it.

Thanks for checking my blog!!

PS: This saturday i’m gonna go to a convention with a Natsuki Subaru Cosplay, here’s a pic (i know it’s not the same shirt or pants, but i mean… that doesn’t really matter, also the hair~)

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More progressing~

I went today (13/10) to this drawing institute, these people are SO INTROVERTED, so boring!! But well, i met a girl called Elizabeth, she seems nice. Also, only 5 people came to the class, shit, i was expecting more people to come but… na ;w;

Anyway, here’s some progress on the Osomatsu AMV~


Resolution is 1280×720 .

Some AMV ideas!!

I got a really nice idea today, i want to make a Osomatsu AMV!! with this song made by this great artist that i really love : .

I don’t know, i did some AMV’s in the past but they were really amateur~ But do not worry, i’ve been progresing A LOT in editing videos, so if i make a AMV it’s gonna be the result of hard work and a lot of time, depending on my imagination these days~ I’m downloading the Osomatsu episodes already, it may take a lot of time, but do not worry, my internet is not THAT slow anyway!!