I just woke up and i’ve been sleeping ALL day! (almost)

I had really fun dreams, the first one… i can’t remember but the last two, i do remember.

The second one i was at a really giant school, it looked like a place for airplanes because of how big it was, also a ton of young people and i was supposed to be the sustitute for sexuality class or something like that, it was weird and all and i was supposed to be 17 years old at that moment. Anyway it finished really fast and i went outside and saw literally “joeysalads” and he wanted my strawberry milk or something like that, and i told him “go drink your own piss fucking retard” and a girl at his side was like “why do you say that?” and funny enough i saw fucking pyrocynical and tried to call him to come here and he did, but i just got away, i bought some strawberry cake (i could feel the taste in my dream, kinda weird but it was nice) and went to a familiar’s house. After that i woke up but i wanted to keep sleeping so i did.

My last dream was the best one, i was coming from school in a different way, it was raining but just a little and i was walking on an empty street full of pretty houses, but there was one that was perfect for me, it was full of plants and flowers on the entrance, a really big house, it had an alarm so i couldn’t get it, but at the end the granny that was living there invited me and also wanted me to help her with some things. I did and then i went outside and saw another house that looked like one of those airships on the inside, it was also full of flowers on the outside, everything was nice. This old man offered me a bed and i started to draw while listening to music, i was listening to a complete OST of Yume Nikki Fangames and i was drawing myself i don’t know why. The song was very calm and perfect for drawing, i think it was from Yume 2kki but i’m not really sure, i’ll try to find it anyway.

And now i’m just eating flan ❤ I’m gonna read Steel Ball Run with my friend Dilan now, so bye ~



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