New Characters List! + paint pics

So i did new characters for well i don’t know, those simple but cute ones i did like Heinzmann, Doctor and New, here they are! (i did these on windowsxp paint :’J)

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1389351_885698434854382_997507613_n oh yee


Finally new drawings!

Well i’ve been making a new style, more realistic and better proportions, ALSO A PC VER. !! (i did it on photoshop)

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Notice how they look a little more realistic and the head shape is less circular in some cases (like Margarite because she’s an adult teen (21 years old)); Alice has a very circular head because she’s a human doll and well doll’s have a very “baby like” and emotionless face with those big eyes. Also i didn’t really color the water because i wanted it to be like… “realistic” water is transparent, in the sea it reflects the sky and that’s it, but if i reflect the water in the drawing it could be a spoiler for what’s really going on so i just leave it like that. Also the “succubus” character in the classroom has no shoes because well she’s just resting there and left her shoes in a chair. Margarite looks a little off to me, maybe it’s just the pose i don’t know, but i do love the design i did on her.

So yeah that’s all for now, i did make some new ones just now but i don’t have the scanner right now, sorry! But when i get it again i’ll probably have to scan a lot! Thank you!! ❤