Oc’s Master List.

I have a full list of all the characters i made so far, i won’ show a picture of them yet (i’m working on it actually) but here’s the list of the names and my thoughts/inspiration when making them… (All of these are gonna be on a random order)

  • Heinzmann. I got inspired by a drawing i made in the middle of 2016, i wanted to make a balloon seller and i got little Heinzmann.
  • Doctor. It’s based on a teddy bear i carry with me almost all the time, i put a hat on it and everytime i go in the car i put him with the medical kit on the backseat with me, i love medical kits ~
  • New. I just thought about a simple cat actually.
  • Zugurushi Shung. I got inspiration by the story that (for me) is Kraina Grzybów (https://www.youtube.com/user/krainagrzybowtv).
  • Rurerer Sham. I was thinking about the average yume nikki fangame protagonist, a symbol on his t-shirt and two or three colors.
  • Nerielu T-zal. I based on Skull Kid’s mask from Majora’s Mask plus a song from the game called “Last Day”.
  • Sensan Shuju. I got inspiration by this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RHFFeQ2tu4.
  • Kuma Omocha. I based on an SCP (SCP-2295 to be exact) and the opening song for Re:Zero Kara.
  • Ishigen Maratsuke. I based on a song from one of my favorite song writer and composer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbMT7kyf4NY) I love this song ~
  • Juliet Rose. I based on one scenario from the game Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXuRI19gv5o) the scenario can be found at minute 12:04 (also i like this gaming channel, check his Tenchu gameplay~).
  • Jose Jakarn. I based on a cat i made up a looong time ago, like 2014. It was a scientific cat with big glasses.
  • Tottere Nactan. I wanted to make the average super hero from a comic with a cliche story but it ended up being super cool.
  • Denedend Nightomugu. The first day at the drawing institute the proffesor asked me to do a simple and fast drawing and i made a normal sailor kid, i ended up liking it so i finished it in a more cool way.
  • Atsuki Rei and Kurusu Rei. Based on a Vocaloid song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqfFieDY14E) and a character idea i had on 2015 for a Earthbound inspired story i made up in my head.
  • Akudere Kero and Kushike Kero. Based on character ideas i had on 2015 for a Earthbound inspired story and a drawing i made for a little friend a long time ago.
  • Nureru Haru. I got inspired by neon colors and lasers.
  • Mekele Vouquete. I based on a trap basically…
  • Mikael E. Yaya. I based on Deku from My Hero Academia, but only the school uniform and shoes look similar.
  • Lela E. Yaya. I got inspired by Malicecila drawings, one of my favorite artists.
  • Kuruno Shuupu. I got inspired by a Touhou song and the background of that same level (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H8mULP0XDc).
  • Angela, Adelino and Anastasia are based on characters i made on 2012 and i just remade them.
  • Kokoro Lucy Wata and Kokoro Roxy Wata are based on Black Rock Shooter characters.
  • Katherine Katze-Chuu and Pyowpw Pyon-Pyon Chuu are based on a song made by Caravan Palace (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbsBEb1ZxWA).
  • Lucy Rose Diamond. Is based on this breakcore touhou arrange (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXFHDbcjAZg) and on the average look of a kind, calm young lady that enjoys beautiful things.
  • GuruGuru GiriGiri. Based on this touhou song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qcah1Tk2cn0) and on swirls and spirals (i guess it’s the same?) and in Tomoe Mami’s hair.
  • Kagerou Shin Sphenschi Peng. Based on a penguin and a tsundere like boy style, it’s not actually a tsundere but i wanted him to look a little aggresive.
  • Koji Koki. She’s based on casino games and poker cards.
  • Perla Lapislazuli. She’s based on an idea of a sadistic evil milf.
  • Curlwill Pixpax. I got based on the idea of a hero but with a nurse uniform.
  • Katie Kitsune. She’s based on a scarecrow and a killer.
  • Celene Zulay. Basically i recycled a design i made on 2010/2011 of a zombie ballerina with a tragic story.
  • Parushi Paruparu. I based on this touhou song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifuWil2q_fs) and the idea of multiple sheeps (99 to be exact) and the school on Higurashi.
  • Nick Zalio. I got inspired by this Touhou song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUEPCSzOHmo) and the design just appeared in my mind.
  • Wataru. I got inspired by a Yume 2kki developer with the same name.
  • Kappute Kap-Kap. I got inspired by this song from my favorite vocaloid producer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btUKkbdUvk4).
  • Niko Nokialusa Takurassu, Erik Samsunglusa Takurassu and Chu-ni Pyon are based on guro images, cellphones and Yume 2kki scenarios and also, recycled from designs i made on 2012.
  • KateKare Spherea. I wanted to make a spider-based evil and powerfull milf and inspired by a Undertale song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WDFUcjWARU).
  • Margarite Magdalena Magareten. I wanted to make a crazy stalker with a katana that looks cute but also deadly, it ended up being reaaally good ~
  • Takao Shikane. I got inspired by this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Er6l7UOnbI) and a screenshot of a manga girl that says “i’m a virgin ya know”.
  • Alexis Bataranch. Is based on my obsesion with chocolate chips cookies and some clothes i have and also a dream i had where i was dying a shitload but still reviving everytime.
  • Sissy Sussie Shuru, Fufure Franklin Shuru and Poropong Venitaz Shuru. I had a dream with three cats on a italian town that helped me get to somewhere i don’t know, the dream was fun, one cat was red, other blue and the other one green basically.
  • KILLER BEAR. I had a dream where a person on a green teddy bear suit was following me and some kids i don’t know (of course he wanted to kill us all).
  • Dylan Scott. I wanted to make the average protagonist from an action movie for teens (ex. Percy Jackson or something like that) making him with a simple but protagonist like design and a protagonist like name, the idea of making him half-demon and half-human is also a cliche.
  • Poqo Itái. I based on a kid that was on my side on a super awesome dream i had, he looks a little bit like Mob but i tried to make him totally different…
  • Max Layo. I was bored one day and i made a simple drawing on paint but it ended up being a really cute design so i finished it on my notebook and made her an important part of a story i made up in my head on 2016.
  • Giovanna de Courte Liviana. She’s a recycled design i made on 2012.
  • Pigritia Callot. She is also a recycled design i made on 2012.
  • Rabie Guayasamin. She is, again, a recycled design i made on 2012 for a RPG Maker game idea.
  • James Bosch. Based on those lucky golden/white cats that non-stop wave his right paw.
  • Tokoroga Hoshi. Recycled design i made on 2014, i had the idea of a lust and playful boy that loves making sexy poses and tries to look cute all the time.
  • Christopher Hieronymus. Based on candies and sweets, also a Re:Zero Kara character that i don’t remember the name (the blonde loli from the first episode)
  • Kikeku and Dardee. One day i was with my family and one of my family members said “make a powerpuff girl” i did it without thinking at all but then i made the design at my style and it ended up being really cool and Dardee the same.
  • “Alice” Elaize Battenribbon, Meri Shuartz, Neren Tako and Laly Ladybug. All these are recycled designs i made for a Yume Nikki Fangame idea i had on 2012, Meri was based on common colors used on colorfull guro pictures, Neren is based on a Yume 2kki world full of kids inside a prison cell, Laly is based on an effect idea i had for my Yume Nikki Fangame, it was about gum and a ladybug, Elaize was based on a character from My Little Pony called Blinkie Pie(currently called Limestone Pie).
  • Ninguni Chipote. I got the idea from a Yume 2kki effect (Raincoat) and the innocent and weak look from the protagonist of Mayoiga (i didn’t liked this anime tbh, at first i was really excited, i tought it was going to be like Another but it ended up being unrealistic shit).
  • Minarara Munepea. I thought about tangerines and angelic orchestra instruments… yeah it’s weird.
  • Madoqua DikiDiku. She’s inspired from Zetsubou Sayonara Sensei’s characters, especially the fujoshi student.
  • Kikyo Kasuki. Based on a normal anime picture one friend send me.
  • Jufu Bunbun. I had the idea of an nervous and shy magician and a bunny.
  • Pumeshi Kushel. Is LITERALLY based on an ass pic, the underwear colors this dude was wearing inspired me in some way… don’t say anything about it plz.
  • Kiki Mandarina. I got the idea of average fujoshi neckbeard girl that’s socially akward.
  • Eliza Cancan. She’s based on Charlie and the chocolate factory and Koishi Komeiji from Touhou.
  • Leolero Pardalos. He’s based on this method of killing… (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Hansen).
  • Korikori Keke. She’s based on this song (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm26623121) and what i see in that song, i see the story of a killed girl that was never found.
  • Kuronoe Kuroruk. I had the idea of the average witch but this time being a boy.
  • JACK. He’s based on trypophobia and shadow figures.
  • Jhonny Pekeke. He’s based on the idea i have that almost all koalas are lazy but have a lot of imagination and creativity.
  • Fere Luluf. Based on Rumia from Touhou and fire.
  • Xexe Veve. Based on beautiful and colourful jellyfishes.
  • Pierre. Based on spooky skeletons and cool masks.
  • Teretere Gegep. Based on a guro image i found on 2014.
  • Wakine Dudude. Based on a beautiful scenario from Alice Madness Returns (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6zRFcwL4ZM) minute 9:40.
  • Rinrin Keiker. Based on steampunk, bombs and aggresive mouse idea.
  • Chester Cheesecake. Inspired by a Billy and Mandy episode that was about a evil tricycle.
  • Eric Kulufe Kuromono. Based on white clothing i love to use and the idea of a calm, serious, quiet kid that loves doing the right thing.
  • Sam Uchi Honig. Based on cute and lazy bees.
  • Cigere Cigere. A friend told me about an animal he really likes, i had the idea of making a red riding hood based character so i combined both and got this cute character.
  • Webe Wanwan. Based on a nerd friend i had on school when i was 9/10 years old.
  • Luciana. She’s based on a touhou fangame beautiful song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCRHaEr5PLk) and the idea of a sleepy kind fairy.
  • Lala Fukushite. She’s based on a Kingdom Hearts song “Simple and Clean” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UigzN-4JR14) and the idea of bubble based attacks.
  • Alexander Bukkadere. Based on the average vocaloid producer idea i have, hikikomori, hates people, but loves robots and being on his room eating trash and traditional japanese food.
  • Mikaelel Conornea. Based on “The Beast” from Over The Garden Wall, being on christmas all alone and average christmas toys.
  • “The 8 Snails Family”. Based on a house i made one day when i was bored and didn’t know what to draw, the numer 8 was inspired by two songs from Re:Zero Kara (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJiG15euUes) and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e_JWu8StjM) < especially this one, number 5 was based on this song from the movie Kill Bill (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiiMAq13-ZI).

That’s it for now!!! hope you liked it ~

I’m gonna make more in the future, but for now, i have stuff to do ~














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