Tasty Tasty~

Tasty animals are the best thing! Isn’t it?! Eating is a pleasure that all human beings share. We love to eat what we like. Of course, there are vegetarians but… those are just stupid pussies. I love chicken, eggs, meat, etc. If i like it i will eat it, i don’t care what it is. Anyway i think that vegetarians are just stupid, i mean, we don’t kill animals for pleasure, we kill animals for the pleasure that comes next, eating. If you don’t like people eating meat or whatever, well too bad. Of course, i can have a vegeterian friend, but… no, i just won’t, also, if you think killing animals is bad, then be a complete pacifist person… that’s not bad, but i assure you… you shouldn’t. Animals don’t have feelings, don’t matter how you want to convince me, there’s no actual proof of that, of course i like animals… but only the cute ones actually. I love bunnies, cats, etc. I hate dogs… they’re just fucking stupid. Well… i could talk more about this but… na. I’ll go to sleep now~Wallpaper


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