Well i’ve been reading/playing(? the comic with my best frind and we made it to Rose, but we paused there, i did understand more this time and it’s actually entertaining af. Also…John is ma waifu (ok im sorry i just wanted to say that) but anyway, i’ll be watching some videos now and drawing more stuff. Yeah, i’m still drawing… i like it you baka. Also, maybe later i’ll be making more archives for the Disney Danmaku Game, remember, i do all the stuff except the…uh… technical stuff…? I guess?  Uh… I’ll update some more later!! But for now all i can say, is that eerything is planned except for the attack patterns, but don’t worry i can always think fast when it comes to “cute and deadly patterns” ;w; (Also, i’m still with the music player, don’t worry, i’m uploading all the mixes in permanent uploaders called,, and more)2014-08-09-665696.png


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