Something i think

I think life doesn’t really matters, but still, i’ll keep on living. I’ll be the happiest person alive even if my pleasure is to make others suffer. I don’t care how others feel about me or think about me, if i want to feel good or happy doing things that are not “correct” or “good” i don’t really care, if it’s something i like i’m gonna keep on doing it. I do what i like when i want and nobody can stop me, of course, there’s someone i love and i consider his feelings all the time, but… sometimes… i don’t, i don’t want nobody to control me or give me rules, i don’t have rules and i don’t use rules in no one. If there’s something i don’t like i say it directly, im honest of course but i also talk more than i should, that’s bad and can cause me problems, but it’s okay  i like it, life would be boring if you avoid all the problems. I think is fun to be in trouble, like, some people want to literally kill you, normally, you stay in your home and never leave… but me… i go out and go to the city and walk happy and excited of course, i’ll bring my knife with me and something else to protect myself, but still, i would go out even if there’s too much danger. I don’t fear danger, i get really excited and sometimes when i think of it, i drool a lot and i get blushie~ That’s pretty weird isn’t it? It’s just that i don’t want my life to be boring, i want danger and problems that only i can solve, it would be a lot of fun for me, even if i can’t solve them i can find a solution even if it’s no good for anyone except me…

Well that’s what i think sometimes when im alone at my room. Like now.


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