Making some game progress~

I’m still making some designs for the Disney Danmaku Game, i just made Cruella de Vil (looks REALLY good), and some enemies for the stages and the stage menu, i need to keep doing more stage menus (it’s gonna be different for every stage, 15 stages in total) Here’s the list of enemies that will appear, from 1 to 15 (the last one is the final boss, also, a little middle boss in every stage) :

  1. Thumper and Flower (Middle Boss), Bambi (Boss)
  2. Little Sister and Sexton Mouse (Middle Boss), Lady Marian (Boss)
  3. Olivia Flaversham and Perla (Middle Boss), Bernard and Miss Bianca (Boss)
  4. Lulubelle (Middle Boss), Chip and Dale (Boss)
  5. Server Penguins (Middle Boss), Polo and Tootsie (Boss)
  6. Periwinkle (Middle Boss), Flora, Merryweather and Fauna (Boss)
  7. The White Rabbit (Middle Boss), Alice and Chesshire Cat (Boss)
  8. Piglet and Roo (Middle Boss), Pooh (Boss)
  9. Timothy Q. Mouse (Middle Boss), Dumbo (Boss)
  10. Benny (Middle Boss), Roger Rabbit (Boss)
  11. Fígaro (Middle Boss), Pinocchio (Boss)
  12. Jack Skellington (Middle Boss), Zero (Boss)
  13. Perla and Suzy (Middle Boss), Goofy (Boss)
  14. Huey, Dewey and Louie (Middle Boss), Donald (Boss)
  15. Minnie and Pluto (Middle Boss), Mickey (Boss)

There’s also 6 Extra Bosses, yeah i know… that’s crazy, but… it’s made for the story, also, gonna be really fucking crazy, all of them have a “Last Words”, it means that, when you defeat them, they make A REALLY HARDCORE attack, the music changes and the scenary too, it’s gonna be really crazy, but don’t worry, it’s not gonna be THAT impossible. Of course, some events are not pleasant for the average human, but don’t worry, this game is not made for the average and innocent human… it’s made for those that are “special” or just like “weird” things… i’m not talking about lewd or perverted things of course, i’m talking about other stuff… don’t worry tho! Everyone can play it… NO MATTER HOW YOU ARE, YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT… IT’S YOUR DESICION IF YOU LIKE IT OR NOT AND I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR ACTION IT MAY CAUSE LATER, IT’S YOUR MIND, NOT MINE, YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE YOUSELF FEEL NOTHING IF YOU’RE BOTHERED OR OFFENDED…


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