Animes I Like / Dislike

Well… this could also serve as an anime recomendation so… Also, they’re in order (Of course, the first one is my favorite) :

  1. Hunter x Hunter (2011)
  2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Watching the new season!)
  3. Madoka Magica (Specially the third movie)
  4. Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace (I expected this one to be a slice of life anime coz i watched it for Kobayashi but… i wasn’t expecting a trap in a mistery and horror anime, really good :j )
  5. Subete ga F ni Naru (BEST ENDING EVER, really, i LOVE the ending, it’s my favorite ending of all time, also, it’s really good)
  6. Death Parade (I want a 2nd season ;w; )
  7. Jigoku Shoujo (I relly like Enma Ai, the voice, the stare, the hair, etc. Is really… calm and strange character, i love it~ )
  8. K Project (I actually have a dakimakura of Fushimi Saruhiko… yeah i know, that’s weeb, but, i wanted a different ending where all the kings died for making that attack or at least everyone lost they’re powers or some shit like that, it was a really boring and predictable ending ;_; )
  9. Paranoia Agent (The opening is really cool, i wanted to download the albums of the artist who made the opening but… i couldn’t find a decent download page, i won’t make a stupid account for download a crappy torrent)
  10. Tokyo Ghoul OVAS (Yeah, the ovas, are actually A LOT better than the anime, the anime is just crap, also, Tokyo Ghoul Pinto… oh my god! That girl with the camera, reminds me so much of me in 2013)
  11. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (I like every opening of this anime, it’s so fucking good! Also, it’s really crazy, the characters are actually REALLY waifu material, really weird not a lot of people know it ;_; )
  12. No. 6 (It was actually very decent anime, i liked it a lot)
  13. Serial Experiments Lain (Weird, but i love the protagonist, also, it’s very interesting)
  14. One Punch Man (Saddly, a lot of people from southamerica made the fandom crap, but, it’s still a good anime at least)
  15. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (At first i was really confused, but in the end everything made a lot of sense)
  16. Welcome to the NHK / Nihon Hikikomori Kyokai (This was a really good anime, the ending and opening are really awesome, specially the ending)
  17. Nichijou (Original comedy anime, really good, also, i dentify myself with Mio… if you know what i mean~)
  18. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (This one is sooo good, i love Panty more than Stocking you baka~ )
  19. Steins;Gate (This one was a mind blown, really good anime :j )
  20. Kill La Kill (I liked this anime a lot, but the ending was very trashy and stupid)
  21. The Tatami Galaxy (The ending is awesome, also, i like it a lot)
  22. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (It was nice and all but… i don’t like how the fanbase says that this is the best anime and shit, i mean… no)
  23. Kill Me Baby! (Opening and Ending great, also very random and funny)
  24. Ajin (This one was a little weird, but the protagonist was something really decent and good, it wasn’t one of those faggies that doesn’t know what to do in every stupid situation)
  25. Owari no Seraph (The idea is cool and all, but almost every character is CRAP, seriously, almost all the characters are awfull, but i do like Mikaela and that violet-haired male vampire, these are the only characters i like…)
  26. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai (2nd season being crappy and shitty, also, THEY DON’T EVEN FUCK! Seriously, if you have a boyfriend, fuck him hard! My god…)
  27. Btooom! (All characters are crap except for Kira Kousuke…)
  28. Terra Formars (Really good, but the 2nd season… moe crap, it’s the same shit that happened to Soul Eater, the second season if filled with moe crap)
  29. Kyoukai no Kanata (Decent fantasy romance anime)
  30. Nazo no Kanojo X / Mysterious Girlfriend X (Really good romance anime)
  31. Watamote! (I don’t actually identify myself with the protagonist, im not introverted at all, but… i hate people that say “Oh! The protagonist is so much like me!” but you do have friends you piece of edgy weeb shit)
  32. Furi Kuri / FLCL (Not much to say, just that some stupid spanish youtuber exagerated saying that “this is a different anime”, holy shit, he did really overrated this anime so much i wanted to punch him in the face)
  33. Another (Decent mistery anime)
  34. Death Note (Good, but not THAT GOOD please…)
  35. Mirai Nikki (Meh, could be better)
  36. Hyouka (Strange~)
  37. Soul Eater (Fun and good, except the end, fuck the end)
  38. Shingeki no Kyojin (Could be better…)
  39. Love Stage! (This yaoi anime is… actually really fun and good! It’s recomended for male people too, this anime even if it’s yaoi… it’s actually really funny and interesting)

Now… the animes i don’t like… if you don’t agree then go away of this blog please… and don’t EVER come back~

  1. Sora no Otoshimono (Cliche characters, stupid ecchi, shit harem)
  2. KissXsis (the same)
  3. Highschool DxD (Don’t come with that “the first season is good”, all the characters are crap)
  4. Sword Art Online (Cliche characters, “badass”protagonist that ALWAYS wins no matter what, stupid enemies, etc.)
  5. Dragon Ball Z (It’s fucking stupid, the same and also, why people overrate this anime so fucking much? It’s so shit, just because you watched it in your childhood, it doesn’t mean it’s good or “awesome”, that’s not even a reason to consider it good)
  6. Corpse Party (Stupid guro and ecchi, shit characters, stupid deaths, etc.)
  7. School Days (The worst part is that people say this anime is actually good… all the characters are fucking retarded and autistic)
  8. Rosario Vampire (No…)
  9. To Love Ru (hahaha! Really? Do people say this is a good anime?! All the characters designs are made pink-haired cause they think everyone likes it, only stupid shit weebs like that stupid hair-pinked girl that has big boobies and as no utility at all, also, all of them are sluts)
  10. Elfen Lied (Shit characters, stupid gore and crap story)
  11. Date-A-Live (Shit harem, shit story, what else?… ah yeah, sluts)
  12. Toradora (Shit tsundere and cliche characters)
  13. Fairy Tail (Cliche characters, shit story, etc.)
  14. Naruto (Shit story, crap characters with no personality, sluts)
  15. Clannad (Stupid boring sad af shit)
  16. Evangelion (“a different anime”)
  17. Harumi Suzumiya (Cliche characters, arrogant stupid bitch in the title name and all episodes are mixed… why?)
  18. Angel Beats (Fuck you)
  19. Acchi Kocchi (Really?)
  20. Tokyo Ghoul (Edgy)
  21. Sankarea (At first was really good but then… they made it really crappy and stupid)
  22. Mayoiga (I thought it was gonna be like Another, something interesting and REALLY good, but no, it was crap, the ending was… really boring, i wanted like… more realistic story, not that)

There’s the list, hope you’re happy with it… cause im not going to change it for you or anyone you silly, if you don’t like then… that’s stupid.


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