Disney Danmaku Game

Me and my best friend are making a new Disney game.

I’m the one doing everything and he’ll just make the script, i already got all the music i’ll use (not copyrighted music, but indie music if you know what i mean…), all the character desing and the game will be made for Touhou Danmakufu. It’s probably gonna be a really heavy script cause i got a lot of REALLY crazy ideas for this game (it’s gonna be a M rated game but who cares, even a 5 year old kid watched “vampire cunt” so i don’t think it’s gonna be important to change it).

Also to mention, the game will be a BULLET HELL game, what i mean by this, is that, there’s not gonna be Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty, there’s gonna be only one difficulty, i want my game to be synched with the music and the patterns and “spells” to be 100% complete even if it’s REALLY HARD. I want my game to be beautiful but fun and entertaining to watch so… SO, im gonna make the game as hard as i want and how i want it, im not gonna change anything for no one, it’s my game and if i want it to be extremely hard, ill make it like that. So, maybe later ill show up some character desings i made in this blog, feel free to ask wich characters from Disney are going to be in this game or other things you wanna know, i may not answer all of them cause i don’t want any spoilers ;w; but anyway, feel free to ask anything.


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