New drawing

The BG is very simple, I didn’t wanted to waste more time making a detailed BG and shadowing, so for now I’m going to leave it like this… (Takeru and Noboru are in this image)


The class looks pretty empty and shit, don’t worry I’ll add things later I dunno.

PS: Fanarts in the comments only, please.

PS: I just realized there’s a TINY error in the coloring, ffs It makes me wanna die but I can’t change it now, fuck it.


<3 Noboru Mado Drawing <3

I finally finished this thing, It took me hours to do. I tried to do some shadowing and lighting also the first time I do bruises on a PC, used different brushed, patterns and shit from DeviantArt. Also im lazy to give the credits, and why should I? Nobody gives a shit unless they want It. (I think It looks a little EDGY :c ffs but it’s because he’s supposed to be damaged, tired and mentally unstable because… story things I shouldn’t say)


Here you have him without the colors and all, so you can do your own edits I dunno… (Transparent PNG)


PS: If you do any edits, you can share It In the comments, thank you ❤


This is a new original character I did some time ago, she’s a doll that wants to be a real girl and have a perfect girl life. She changes owner a lot but in the end she feels alive.


I did this edit in photoshopCS6 with some png’s and patterns from deviantart (they are free so you can’t complain)


I lost the user I was using for the KH Tribute, also for the Vampillia mix, I lost my most recent projects… It’s okay tho, I can get it back because I posted the gifs in here, and some friends have pictures I did, also I will post just now new photoshop images I 100% did. ALSO, I finished highschool yay! Now I can go to a technology institute! ❤



Long time no see!

i know i know, i’m lazy af and also i forget things really fast so… yeah u know. Ffs, but hey i’ve been finishing my studies and i’m doing pretty well, next week is full of exams so i’m fucked up yee? I’ve been making my recordings and playing some shit, i have a capturer now so fuck it, i have my ps2 since i was… like 5 years old? Meh i don’t remember but anyway, my drawing skills are getting better and better, i did make some “script” ? Or something like that for the stories, don’t worry im still here, i’ve been using discord sometime recently and uh… well, i’m watching Inuyashiki and the new season of Osomatsu (i didn’t forgot about the Osomatsu AMV i promise) and also i’m making gameplays of Kingdom Hearts 1 BUT im lazy to edit the videooo but i’ll do it now =w= ffs ok i know, i miss eating trash food but no worries! I’m still okay with my friends! I’m planning on getting dressed at Halloween and go out with my friends to have a good time, a really, really good time. You know, with time i realized that my life is okay, i can do it, i can keep on living when i have my friends and loved ones, i know now that i was never alone i always had people on my side and it’s all thanks to my friends! So im very happy recently ❤ thanks


(i did these in photoshop, free to use but please credit me thanks)


Well i’m on exams week, holy shit. Also the other thursday i literally pucked three times in a day, only a fucking day and i had a headache for almost three days, it was a fucking nightmare, i couldn’t sleep or eat my trash food and even use the pc cause i needed to be on bed so my head doesn’t hurt that much… but now i’m okay and i’m still eating shit food xdxd so nevermind that. I’ve been drawing and make more progress on my stories, actually making the designs for other stories and taking references for clothing and hair. Now i’m just watching some cringe comps and talking on a whatsapp group that i actually enjoy a lot! So thanks, and bye. I should take pics of all my cosplays but im fucking lazy boi xd sorry dude though break lol__johnny_joestar_jojo_no_kimyou_na_bouken_and_steel_ball_run_drawn_by_rojiuranoneko__473b87412c31a778a8fe551f2ea5862c